Yearly Bible Reading Plan

A challenge rang out from Brushy Fork Baptist Church today!  I challenged our congregation to enter into a Bible reading plan that would guide them to read through their Bible by December 31, 2013.  I am excited to be journeying with our congregation on this biblical endeavor.  My plan is to utilize this blog to post insights and specific applications that might aid our congregation in reading and applying the daily passages.  I may not be able to post every day, but I hope to post regularly here on the blog some of my own insights and applications I see as valid from the daily reading.

We will read an Old Testament, Psalm, Proverb, and New Testament reading each day.  The format of my bible reading blog quotes will give the date, the passages for the day, insights, and applications from each of the passages.  The posts will probably not be very long, but I hope they will encourage you to think about the passages at hand.

I pray that the Lord will use this discipline of systematic daily Bible reading to strengthen the biblical knowledge of our congregation.  My hope is that it will be said of us that we are mighty in the Scriptures.  May God use this to magnify his own glory through us.  God bless!

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