Bible Reading for January 15

 Bible Passages: Genesis 5-6, Psalm 3, Proverbs 15, and Matthew 3


Genesis 5-6


Genesis 5 is an interesting passage.  Many may be tempted to breeze right by it without giving it a lot of attention.  This would be unfortunate.  We see in the genealogy God’s sovereign protection of his promises.  At any stage of the genealogy, a tragedy could have very well appeared, but God providentially oversaw the whole progression.  God is faithfully bringing about the fulfillment of his promises.

We also see the great amount of time that each person in the genealogy lived.  It is interesting to lay out the ages on a graph and see that Noah was born not long after Adam’s death.  The timings of births and deaths are always important.

The story of Enoch is also highlighted.  Enoch was the man who walked with God and was taken by God directly to heaven.  We see that God honors a faithful life.  God truly honored Enoch who was the great grandfather of Noah, who is the next person that looms large in the storyline of Genesis.

Genesis 6 introduces us to the situation of Noah.  We are faced with the interpretive dilemma of who are the sons of God in verse two.  Yet, it is sufficient to say that the sins of humanity were abundant and God proceeded to act to do something about this sin problem.  God is going to bring about a worldwide flood and Noah is going to be the only means of salvation that God will provide.  The trouble is that Noah will face a hard-hearted generation.

In verse eighteen, we are introduced to the covenant that God made with Noah.  It is this covenant and the idea of covenant that will guide the rest of the biblical story.  It is this covenant that Jesus fulfills.


God protects his promises and God will fulfill his promises.  God will also honor a life given to him.  Take for example Enoch.  We also see that God calls ordinary people often times to do extraordinary things.


Psalm 3


In Psalm 3, David’s troubled circumstances are apparent.  He is fleeing from danger and his enemies are out to get him.  We hear the confidence of his pursuers in verse two, “there is no salvation for him in God.”  David’s pursuers think that God is on their side, or at least that God has forsaken David.

Yet, we see David’s confidence in God’s will and his protection.  David sees God’s protection in his sleeping and waking.  David is confident of the Lord’s protection.  David runs to God in this time of trouble.  What an amazing example David sets.


Run to God for his protection when your enemies mount against you.  God will protect his chosen.


Proverbs 15


The first three verses are striking.  Proverbs 15:1 is one of the most familiar Proverbs.  It is true that a soft answer turns away wrath and a harsh answer stirs up anger.  Yet, Proverbs 15:2 is also striking.  “the tongue of the wise commands knowledge, but the mouth of fools pour out folly.”  Verse two warns us to be careful who we listen to for advice.  The wise are who we should run to for advice.  Why?  Verse three tells us that God is watching.  We should realize that God is present and we should seek to honor him.


Speak softly and life will go better for you.  Seek wise people’s counsel.  Live like God is watching because he is.


Matthew 3


Mathew 3 is Matthew’s introduction to John the Baptist.  It is significant that Matthew starts out with John’s message of repentance.  However, when this is viewed in light of Matthew 2, it is not surprising.  Israel needs to repent and embrace their Messiah.  John the Baptist is preparing them to meet their Messiah if they would listen.

Matthew also introduces us to baptism which will be significant for John the Baptist and for Jesus.  John is the one to whom Jesus comes to be baptized.  Jesus’ baptism then is important to the rest of the New Testament teaching on baptism.  We are to be submissive to baptism because Jesus was.


John’s message of repentance still rings true.  Have we repented of our sins and turned in submission to Jesus as the Lord of our life.  What that means is, “Have we made Jesus our king?”  If we have, have we followed Jesus example in believer’s baptism?  Baptism was important to Jesus, should it not be important to us?

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